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How to Prevent Riots

Image of Baltimore riots

I decided to re-post this because nothing has changed and it is still relevant. In the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood where Freddie Gray lived before he died in police custody on April 12, one-half the residents are unemployed and one-third of the homes are vacant. Sixty percent of residents have less than a high school diploma, and …

The Generosity of Strangers Part 2

Photo of Colin Kaepernick

Welcome back for part 2 of the generosity of strangers. Many of you may wonder why I chose this title when discussing a professional athlete. The reason is whether you are in professional sports, music, movies, or any other entertainment field you are living on the generosity of strangers. Your income is based on whether …

The Generosity of Strangers Part 1

Photo of Colin Kaepernick

It is never a good idea to embarrass the folks who employ you. Especially when you live on the generosity of strangers. Or to take a divisive position in a profession trying to appeal to everyone. I remember when I was a kid and pro football and the NFL were in their infancy compared to …