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Do Tigers Worship God?

Photo of Landon Patterson-Tiger

One question I always ask my classes is, “Do tigers worship God?” And no one knows, but if they did I tell them they do it by being tigers. They do not try to be giraffes, or antelopes, or zebras. They stick with being tigers. Only humans have the ability and the desire to be …

Can We Ignore Our Illness?

Photo of mental illness

The hardest person to heal is the person who does not acknowledge or accept their illness. No matter what treatment is prescribed it doesn’t matter. The difficulty with spiritual sickness is there are few physical symptoms. By the time the physical symptoms show up you are already in the latter stages of the illness. It’s …

Material for Spiritual

Photo of balancing rocks

The sacrifice God seeks from us is the material for the spiritual. What am I willing to give for eternity? What sacrifice will I make? Can I look beyond the illusion that is this world and see eternity? We must all answer these questions. Remember the original sin was based on that same question and …