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Give Me That Ole Time Religion

Photo of millennial religion

The debate on how the church should impact the world and what is its mission is the subject of debate by theologians from the early days of Christianity. It was the impetus for the western church’s reformation and countless other splits in the church. Today with church attendance dwindling especially among younger people many pastors …

Has Worship Replaced Obedience?

obedience.praise - Has Worship Replaced Obedience?

Has worship replaced obedience in our churches? I think so. I have nothing against worship in our churches, but when worship becomes more important than obedience, then we have a problem. Worship has its place, but it should never become the focal point of our church experience. Too many people today go to church to …

One Transaction

Photo of intersection

My faith tradition teaches me that God is interested in only one transaction with man and that is: Will we give up the physical for the spiritual. Will we trade our time, our money, and our physical abilities for the Kingdom of God, all of which came from God, or will we make these things …