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Example of Change

Photo of Change

I have no doubt that if anyone earnestly applies these principles with perseverance that their lives will change. The changes will not occur overnight, but changing one’s life and thought processes is a very difficult undertaking. We must pursue these changes with patience and not get caught up in this idea of instant gratification or …


Photo of Challenges

Any time we try to carry out new ideas or habits we are always faced with challenges to the changes. Even when those changes are beneficial, they are met with resistance. Why? Because as humans we are habitual animals. Many of us live lives that are so predictable based on our habits. And once those …

SUPERMAN Principles

Photo of Superman Logo

So what are these spiritual principles that I keep writing about? SUPERMAN is actually acronym for the eight principles that underpin the training that I have been doing since 2009. I have witnessed these principles change the lives of men who many had thought were too far gone to be redeemed. It’s funny how some …