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Denzel: Malcolm X to Uncle Tom

Denzel 1 - Denzel: Malcolm X to Uncle Tom

So how does one go from being an acclaimed actor, a two-time Academy Award winner and beloved by his community to an Uncle Tom? Denzel Washington starred in such epic roles as Malcolm X, Private Trip in Glory, and Steve Biko in Cry Freedom. He has been married to the same black woman since 1983 …

Poverty is a Disease 2

Image of poor pretty girl.

Poverty changes people. It changes mindsets, changes relationships, and changes values. There are two types of poverty in America. There is situational poverty. Someone loses a job or their income and become poor. With this newfound poverty family dynamics change. Lost is the confidence in one’s ability to provide for their families. There is fear …

Poverty is a Disease 1

Images of poverty

I am convinced poverty is a disease. Like all diseases it has symptoms, it has casualties, and it has treatments. Also, like all diseases it affects families and the longer you have it the harder to cure. The cure has proven difficult and elusive. Our contribution to this disease is why we cannot find a …