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Do Tigers Worship God?

Photo of Landon Patterson-Tiger

One question I always ask my classes is, “Do tigers worship God?” And no one knows, but if they did I tell them they do it by being tigers. They do not try to be giraffes, or antelopes, or zebras. They stick with being tigers. Only humans have the ability and the desire to be …

Why You May Be Your Greatest Enemy

enemy.freedom - Why You May Be Your Greatest Enemy

Why are we our greatest enemies? Many people today are active participants in their own destruction and of those around them. People actively pursuing their demise seems counterintuitive to most of us. Yet occurring every day. Trapped on the path of self-destruction by events or persons from their pasts. Trapped in a cycle of low …

One Transaction

Photo of intersection

My faith tradition teaches me that God is interested in only one transaction with man and that is: Will we give up the physical for the spiritual. Will we trade our time, our money, and our physical abilities for the Kingdom of God, all of which came from God, or will we make these things …