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You Can’t Please Everybody

Photo of Mega Churches and Starving Child - Please Everybody

Most people want the approval and acceptance of others. We learn at an early age the importance of being accepted by our parents and peers. When we are young, we try to please our parents and our friends. Sometimes we go to great lengths to accomplish this even changing who and what we are. Even …

Life’s Biggest Lesson

Photo of Sistine Chapel Lesson

The hardest lesson anyone has to learn is how to deny themselves. How to learn to say no. Especially when there is no reason for saying no, except it’s the right thing to do. Telling other people no is not a problem for most of us, but for ourselves we struggle. Situational ethics is how …

China is a Long Way.

Photo of the Great Wall of China

China represents the futility of continuing down the wrong path. Some people believe they cannot change their path or they deserve the path they are traveling. They accept the negativity of others or they’ve done something so terrible they deserve to suffer. Others believe they have come too far to turn back, no matter what …