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You Can’t Please Everybody

Photo of Mega Churches and Starving Child - Please Everybody

Most people want the approval and acceptance of others. We learn at an early age the importance of being accepted by our parents and peers. When we are young, we try to please our parents and our friends. Sometimes we go to great lengths to accomplish this even changing who and what we are. Even …

What is Greatness?

greatness - What is Greatness?

What is greatness? How we define greatness dictates the direction of our lives. If we define it as material wealth, we will direct our efforts towards materialism. Is it celebrity status or athletic prowess, then we will focus on those goals. But what if isn’t any of these? What if our greatness is measured in …

One Transaction

Photo of intersection

My faith tradition teaches me that God is interested in only one transaction with man and that is: Will we give up the physical for the spiritual. Will we trade our time, our money, and our physical abilities for the Kingdom of God, all of which came from God, or will we make these things …