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Government Overreach or Survival

Photo of Westport Violence Overreach

Is it government overreach or survival? There is a debate going on in Kansas City, MO which has sparked questions about the ability of a commercial and entertainment district to protect itself from ongoing violence. The area in question known as Westport, which has traditionally been an entertainment destination for young people in Kansas City. …

The Impending Backlash: Tribalism

Photo of Tribalism

One issue getting little attention from black activists groups including Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the media is the impending backlash from all the protests. We witnessed a glimpse of it with the election of Donald Trump. Some claim the election has empowered racists and white supremacy groups. I disagree. What we are seeing is …

Black Love?

Photo of black couple

I am convinced with the abolition of slavery blacks should have left America. There were those who shared my opinion and so there was the opportunity to do so. Even Abraham Lincoln believed the black man could never realize his full potential in America after slavery.[i] The reason I say this statement is it would …