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It’s The Murders Stupid

Photo of Sly James - Murders

It’s the murders. For those who have not been paying attention Kansas City in 2017 had the second highest murder total in its history. The year ended with a higher per capita rate of murder than Chicago with 150 homicides. What is strange is the deafening quiet coming from City Hall. I guess they think …

Omarosa: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Photo of Omarosa

What do you get when you cross a fame seeking, money grubber with a fake conservative who only believes what will get her the next payday? Who is Omarosa? Correct. This train wreck was predictable from the beginning. I don’t blame Omarosa she only did what she does latching onto the coattails of someone she …

Denzel: Malcolm X to Uncle Tom

Denzel 1 - Denzel: Malcolm X to Uncle Tom

So how does one go from being an acclaimed actor, a two-time Academy Award winner and beloved by his community to an Uncle Tom? Denzel Washington starred in such epic roles as Malcolm X, Private Trip in Glory, and Steve Biko in Cry Freedom. He has been married to the same black woman since 1983 …