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Why Do We Participate?

Photo of participation is voluntary

The question of why do we participate in our own destruction has confounded theologians, philosophers, and social scientists since the beginning of time. It seems inconceivable and illogical anyone would deliberately participate in their own demise. Yet, it happens all the time. Whether it be through addictions, unhealthy eating habits, or selfishness to name a …

Crime: Is it Social or Morals?

Photo of crime tape & homicide

The study suggests that a major reason why certain young people refrain from crime is not because they fear the consequences; it’s that their morality simply prevents them from even seeing crime as a possible course of action in the first place. – Breaking Rules According to sociologists and activists that crime results from social …

Poverty is a Disease 2

Image of poor pretty girl.

Poverty changes people. It changes mindsets, changes relationships, and changes values. There are two types of poverty in America. There is situational poverty. Someone loses a job or their income and become poor. With this newfound poverty family dynamics change. Lost is the confidence in one’s ability to provide for their families. There is fear …